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Children’s levels are depending on their previous skiing experience and ability.

Fun and safety are our priorities.

 Helmets Mandatory!

The level colors reflect the same color scheme as the ski slopes

First Steps: Introduction / Schuss / Snowplough / Turns

Children’s first time skiing! Learning the 'ski-schuss' (French fries) is a natural progression once you have mastered moving on the flat. Then, they learn how to snow-plough, alias “pizza” (brake) and ski short descents or for older children to turn on a slope and to use the lifts.

Beginner - mastering the blue piste:
Turns / Skilift / Edges / Alpin ski & carving basics

Intermediate - mastering the red piste:
Basic carving / Ski poles / Parallel skiing / Carving/Getting faster

Advanced - mastering the black piste:
Parallel skiing / Carving short / Race carving / Speed / Tricks / Bumps / Fun Park / Bumps / Deep snow


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